Washington Pavilion Observation Hive Help

Washington Pavilion Observation Hive Helpimg_27381

This is the Observation Bee Hive at the Washington Pavilion       Kirby Science Discovery Center

– We have been given permission and plan to, place our portable pollinator education garden outside the Pavilion, below the observation hive exit, to help supplement the bee’s food supply in the downtown urban environment.


– We have been giving permission to update the out of date bee exhibit’s video to tell about our project and how to help bees. The current 45 min video is old and too long for guests to watch.


– We hope to post new information and QR code links in the article display on the Bee Exhibit  that link to the Databots’ team webpage. The webpage has more information about bees and our project.


-This updated video and information will be seen by (81,122) visitors per year.

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