Innovation… The Portable Pollinator Education Garden

For our Innovation Project this year we have decided to innovate a new type of movable garden.


It is different than other gardens because it is on wheels and is designed to travel for the purpose of educating the public about bees and the bee friendly flower they love.



We specifically designed it to fit through doorways and load easily into a large vehicle. We plan to bring this garden to the following events to teach the public how to help the  dwindling pollinator population.


Portable Pollinator Garden Events

–         Ag Day at Washington Pavilion, March (2,200 people attend) At this event, where flower seeds will be actively planted in our garden by visitors.


–         Party for the Planet at Great Plains Zoo, April (In the Hundreds)


–         Outdoor University at Outdoor Campus, August (4,100 people)


–         All About Science Festival July (4,000 people attend)


We plan to educate around 11,000 people this way!

The permanent home for our garden is at the Washington Pavilion near the exit of their education hive. This way we can plant flowers to supplicate their pollen needs in the urban environment downtown where there are not a lot of flower resources available.

This will enable our garden to continue to educate and help, outside of public events.

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