Hello Fellow First LEGO League fans!

Databots Here!


If you are reading this you must have scanned our team shirts to see where our QR code leads!!!


Welcome to our Webpage!

Stay a while and have a look around to see how we are helping our Animal Allies

(The Pollinators)

Here you can find information about our project, learn about bees and even find a link to a game on Scratch that can help you learn some bee facts. So if you have some downtime today come a play our game a while, and read about our project.

Click Here to Read About Local Bees and Wasps.

Click Here to See our Project

Click here to see how we are working with the Washington Pavilion.

Click Here for Challenge 1

Click Here for Challenge 2

Click Here to Play a Bee Game on Scratch

BONUS: Also… if you go and find our young siblings wearing bee costumes, buzzing around our booth or in the stands and say.

“Pollinator Power”

They will give you some free glitter anti-glare patches to wear!